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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby ends after Jay Gatsby is shot and killed for a hit and run that he did not commit, as well as for his attempts to recapture the past. However, while the bullet’s aim is still true, The Pursued and the Pursuing explores what might have been had it left Gatsby with another chance at happiness. Find it he does, although not in the arms of Daisy Buchanan. As Gatsby travels the world with Nick Carraway, his friend and narrator, he sheds wealth, performance, and glamor in favor of honesty, intimacy, and love. 
AJ Odasso’s poetry, essays, and short stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies since 2005. Their first full poetry collection, Things Being What They Are, an earlier version of The Sting of It, was shortlisted for the 2017 Sexton Prize. The Sting of It (Tolsun Books) won Best LGBT in the 2019 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards. The Pursued and the Pursuing was released by DartFrog Blue on Oct 28, 2021.
"Intimate, tender, and fully realized in its historical details, The Pursued and the Pursuing is a lush, lived-in novel with an eerily Fitzgeraldian ring to its prose."
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Lara Elena Donnelly
author, The Amberlough Dossier
“This wild, wonderful queering of The Great Gatsby leaves no stone unturned, upping the ante for retellings, and reveals what sometimes glitters really is gold."
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Christopher Barzak
author, One for Sorrow