When it comes to advertising your book, we find Amazon to be the most effective for indie authors. Their ad platform provides real time data, allowing you to see which ads are under (or over) performing and shift your daily spend limits accordingly. We’ve also never had a problem with bot clicks on our Amazon ads, which is not something we can say about other social media platforms we’ve advertised on.

For the first 3-4 weeks we test many different keywords to determine which show the best potential for yielding a positive ROI. Then we set up and launch your ads. We will also connect with you on a 30 min zoom call after the first week to go over the initial data. On that call we teach you how to review the data yourself, so that you can ultimately be the one to control your campaign going forward.

Amazon Advertising

Research and setup of your ad campaign
$ 599
  • Amazon should be your most effective sales platform.