DartFrog offers three levels of website builds for authors. All websites are built with WordPress and include free hosting for as long as we host the website!

  • The 101: A simple three page website (home, bio, contact) from one of our custom templates, plus site optimization.* 
  • The 201: A more sophisticated looking five page website (4 pages and blog) from one of our custom templates, plus site optimization* and a custom logo. 
  • The 301: A fully customized website (up to 20 pages), a blog, newsletter functionality, custom logo, third party app integration, and site optimization.* 

Author websites

$ 750
  • The 201: $1250 | The 301: $2500
  • All websites built by DartFrog now come with free hosting!

* Site Optimization includes: 

  • Search Engine Optimization
    [setting up SEO Plugin, Optimizing the site’s meta, connecting with Google Search Console, Creating Sitemap, etc]
  • Security Optimization
    [Google Recaptcha to protect against spam, Workforce setup for malware scanning, hardening the Admin login paths, etc. ]
  • Speed Optimization