November BookClubz Pick: Glory Bishop

Glory Bishop, by DartFrog-selected author Deborah L. King, is a beautiful coming of age novel about Glory, a teen caught between her dreams and an abusive home life. Head over to to follow along with a reading group and pick up your copy, or check out the discussion questions by the author below!

  1. Describe the relationship between Glory and her mother.
  2. What are the forces pulling on Glory?  Given her circumstances and upbringing, are her responses reasonable?
  3. Why is Malcolm infatuated with Glory?
  4. Why doesn’t Glory tell anybody about her life?
  5. How does Mary seem to view God? What about JT’s view? Malcolm’s? Glory’s?
  6. What does Glory need that she seems to get from Malcolm and Mary?
  7. What, in your opinion, motivates Glory’s behavior with her peers? (With her mother? With Malcolm? With JT ? With Herschel)
  8. Herschel encourages Glory to rebel.  Glory calls him Wonder Woman.  What do they each get out of their relationship? Who/what is Herschel for Glory?
  9. Malcolm is controlling.  Why does Glory submit?  Where, if anywhere, do you see the relationship going?
  10. Why does Mary seem to go against her own beliefs to satisfy Malcolm?