November BookClubz Pick: Sympathetic People

Our last BookClubz pick this month is Sympathetic People, a wonderful collection of short stories about the beauty and frailty of human connections by author Donna Baier Stein. Head over to to follow along, and check out Stein's discussion questions below.

  1. Which story in the book resonated with you the most? Why?
  2. Were there any stories in the book that you didn’t like? Why not?
  3. Did you notice any similarities between the different stories’ protagonists? If so, what were they? And what did you make of this overlap?
  4. Did you find the characters to be believable? Were there any characters or stories in particular that you really related to, or ones that you simply didn’t find plausible? Why?
  5. What scenes or settings were particularly memorable for you?
  6. Having finished the book, what themes (if any) do you think run through the collection as a whole? Where do they turn up?