October BookClubz Pick: Will I Always Be A __ In America?

Will I Always Be A __ In America?: A Black Man's Reflections on Living in America was one of our three indie BookClubz picks for the month of October. You can check out author John Reeves' discussion questions for this timely and poignant collection below, and you can purchase his book here. Don't forget to sign up on BookClubz to find a community of readers to engage with around this and other texts!

  1. Do you have friends or loved ones who do not look like you? If you do, do your different backgrounds ever affect your relationship? How?
  2. Have you ever had a conversation about race? How did it go?
  3. Do you believe racism exists in America? Why or why not?
  4. If you had to define systematic racism for someone, how would you explain it?
  5. How would you respond if you saw a stranger running through your neighborhood? Would your response change if the stranger was Black?
  6. What do you know about the death of George Floyd? Are there any gaps in your knowledge? Discuss your thoughts about his case. 
  7. Is it ever possible to be colorblind? Why or why not?
  8. If you believe racial injustice exists in America, what do you believe can be done to solve it?
  9. Have you ever found yourself alone with a Black man you didn’t know? (Think: in an elevator, on a walk…) Was there any fear in your response? Why or why not? 
  10. How do you think parents should talk to their kids about race? If you have children, have you had any conversations about race with them? What did you say?