Print Books on Demand

NFTs are the latest frontier in digital assets, and because it’s important for indie authors to own the rights to every format in which their published book can appear, we believe they should also be fully engaged in the NFT space.  DartFrog’s Book NFT service manages the production and deployment of each NFT to the blockchain, ensuring that the author has 100% ownership of the NFT. The author is free to sell the NFT at any time, and would earn 100% of the sale price, plus a percentage from all future sales of the NFT (should the new buyer choose to sell it), which is one of the major benefits NFTs provide original owners. A basic Book NFT could be the cover of the book, but interior illustrations can also be NFT’s, as can alternate covers, draft versions, author notes, audio versions, the fully published ebook itself and any bundled variation you can think of.  In each instance, the value comes from the fact that the NFT is a fully certifiable 100% unique single mint product. 

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