Antionette (Tonie) Melendez is a nurse in California who was inspired to write Too Much MacTiggle by her Scottish Terrier, Rhoj, who she describes as a combination of Scooby Doo and Inspector Clouseau rolled into one big fur ball. 




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Too Much MacTiggle


Author Antionette Melendez

His left ear drooped. His nose was too big. His front and back legs were too short and stubby. He made too much noise. He made too much trouble. Still, he wanted so much to belong to someone. Could a puppy like this ever f...
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Pacific Book Review

Too Much MacTiggle is an illustrated children’s book, separated into chapters, by the very clever author Antionette Melendez about a puppy with all of the mischief and tail- wagging playfulness puppies are famous for.

With a too-big nose and his droopy left ear and his too short and stubby legs, Too Too Much, named for getting into way too much trouble, is the most playful puppy in the pet store. Playful to a fault! Since he is so much trouble, nobody wants to buy him due to his overzealous puppy personality. Spilling water, knocking things over and even opening the cages of the other pets, the pet store owner, Mr. Teeply, ultimately has no choice but to give Too Too Much away – for FREE!

Mr. and Mrs. MacTiggle are an elderly couple that always wanted a puppy but couldn’t afford one. Then one day they notice an ad in the paper for a FREE PUPPY! So off they went to the pet store to see what might be their new member of their family, and with a loving heart took Too Too Much home.

Once at their home, they realized why Too Too Much got his name, as he was way Too Too Much of a Puppy! Spilling water, digging up prize winning daisies in the backyard, and eating Mrs. MacTiggle’s crunchy peanut butter snickerdoodle cookies were all the mischief Too Too Much could get into. But he had a good side as well, as he was a good “finder,” helping old Mr. MacTiggle find his sunglasses and other items the forgetfulness of his elder age often resulted in his misplacing items around his house.

So Too Too Much was given 3 chances of forgiveness until the MacTiggles decide they have to give the puppy back to the pet storeowner because he’s too much of a problem puppy. Do they give him back? Do they keep Too Too Much?

These storyline events create a wonderful suspense in this children’s book keeping the pages turning with playful episodes of imaginative situations and fuzzy pet kindness. Illustrated with emotions of nervousness, looks of love and sensory awareness of new smells and sounds, Too Much MacTiggle will tickle a child’s fancy and drift their minds into the playful world of puppyhood.

A “must” for any family library with youngsters, Too Too Much will wag his way into your heart, as he is too too cute of a puppy and the MacTiggles are too too perfect a home for their newly adopted puppy.