Copperhead Road


John Ray, a high school senior in a rural Virginia town in the mid 1980s, harbors a dark secret: he was sexually abused as a child by the town's resident outdoorsman / Scoutmaster, Jim Kelly. The arrival of a newcomer at school - the mysterious Lon - and the disappearance and murder of young children in the town's woods force John to confront his demons and push his boundaries in a dangerous cat and mouse game. As Lon pushes John closer to the brink, he must rely on his community of friends to help him, and the town, survive. 

Author: Roger Canaff is a former NYC special victims prosecutor, current legal analyst, and was a quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition for his work on Copperhead Road, his first novel. 

6" x 9" 
Black text on natural paper
354 pages
Softcover, matte finish