Copperhead Road


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John Ray, a high school senior in a rural Virginia town in the mid 1980s, harbors a dark secret: he was sexually abused as a child by the town's resident outdoorsman / Scoutmaster, Jim Kelly. The arrival of a newcomer at school - the mysterious Lon - and the disappearance and murder of young children in the town's woods force John to confront his demons and push his boundaries in a dangerous cat and mouse game. As Lon pushes John closer to the brink, he must rely on his community of friends to help him, and the town, survive.

Roger Canaff is a former NYC special victims prosecutor, current legal analyst, and was a quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition for his work on Copperhead Road, his first novel. 

6" x 9" 
Black text on natural paper
354 pages
Softcover, matte finish