Gabriel Born


Genre: Sci-Fi
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Sheila Jensen, desperate to invent a genetic cure, defies rules against combining animal and human DNA. She stirs outrage, which leads her fiancé and boss, Philip Ohl, to blame her for the illegal and immoral work, destroying her career. Still, Sheila is motivated; her rare nerve disorder will kill her. She engineers her last ovum in the hopes of creating a cure for the deadly nerve disease. Risking her life, she bears the child, hoping her transferable DNA cure will work. But the child she bears is not what she expected.

Muriel Stockdale’s 35-year career in entertainment as a designer, director, filmmaker and artist honed her ability and desire to tell her stories. Her first novel, Gabriel Born, published in 2016 by Balboa press is intended to explore consciousness and creativity, and to present a window of possibility that may inspire and enthuse its audience. The novel is based on her award winning film script entitled, Gabriel’s Flight.


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