Listener in the Snow


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Listener abounds with Native stories, Algonquin legend, Indian characters, and struggle set against the Northern Minnesota snowscape. 

Native mojo and a windigo vision stir up a storm in this adventure. The struggle between domestic commitment and deceit play out through Tatty Langille, the Mi’kmaq storyteller. 

His path to save his marriage is anything but typical—events explode in surreal settings, through winter storms, and tavern brawls in rural Minnesota, weaving together Native culture with odd, colorful characters.

Tatty thinks Mary goes north to midwife her cousin’s twins, but this sudden renewed contact with those far off stinks with suspicion. Family secrets, Ojibwe myth, hidden identity, and murder fuel the surprises and twists of this story.
Tatty Langille has lived a lie. He runs. But can he out-distance his denial and his own buried past? Is Tatty’s Mary the wife he believed her to be? Did her wild rages point to a hidden past? After discovering Mary’s identity, can he find who he will be?