Googling God


Genre: Chapter Books
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Everyone else in his class picked normal topics: Peyton Manning, Florence Nightingale, Charles Lindburgh, Neil Armstrong, Queen Victoria, Martin Luther King, Davy Crockett, Mother Teresa.

But when Nicholas Teller chooses to write his 6th grade "famous person" report on God, he opens up a surprisingly big can of worms. From discovering that God likes naked people, to befriending a rabbi, priest, nun and a homeless guy named Luke, to realizing that everyone deserves a second chance, even the teacher's pet Violet Kinlaw, nothing about his report is what Nicholas expected. But that, it turns out, is the best part.

Googling God was named a Finalist by the USA Best Books Awards in 2015.

Larry and Katelynn Haynes are a father daughter writing team from southern Texas. Googling God is their first book.