52 Dinner Challenge


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The 52 Dinner Challenge is not your ordinary cookbook. A believer in the importance and power of shared family meals, author Diana Brinton Davis has created a book that invites the modern family - so pulled and tugged by competing schedules...always connected but often disconnected - to commit to one family dinner a week, for 52 weeks. From appetizers to entrees and desserts, Diana Brinton Davis gives you all the recipe information you need to create a fabulous dinner experience. But really, this book isn't about the recipes. It's about giving you an opportunity to reclaim this most sacred and enriching part of family life. Will you take the 52 Dinner Challenge? We predict the result will be much more than a great meal.

The 52 Dinner Challenge was named a Finalist by the USA Best Books Awards in 2015.

Diana Brinton Davis has been cooking for her family for many years, and still finds dinner time the most wonderful and important part of a family's day.