The Silence Between What I Think and What I Say


Genre: Poetry
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"each word must be written
with the greatest of truthfulness,
and each love must be given
with the greatest of tenderness."

An American poet portrays an uncompromising openness and unflinching vulnerability as he explores a variety of themes, ranging from love, loss, healing, family, fatherhood, art, literature, mortality and everyday life. The Silence Between What I Think and What I Say reflects on the deepest concerns of the human condition.

This collection, written over decades covers years of experience the author refers to as the living minutes of life.

"for the hearts that beat the loudest
during the quietest of moments..."

Stephan Silich has been writing poems and short stories for over twenty years. the silence between what i think and what i say is his first collection in a series to be published by the Brooklyn Writers Press. He is a native New Yorker and lives in Manhattan with this two daughters.




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