Genre: Genre: Genre: Fantasy Sci-Fi YA
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After graduating from college, identical twins Laney and Leela return home for the summer and embark on a routine outing, a camping trip with their younger siblings and Laney’s boyfriend, Hollister. However, after this particular excursion, the girls come home to discover their community is a ghost town, cordoned off by the authorities. Their parents, along with the rest of the town’s inhabitants, including Hollister who left the camping trip early, have inexplicably vanished. With only a series of strange lightning marks as clues, the girls hide out at home with the hope of discovering the truth. When a mysterious man arrives with information concerning the whereabouts of their parents, the girls are faced with a decision to trust him or risk being separated from their loved ones forever.

Rachel Langley’s love for words and languages began in middle school when she discovered her gift for writing. She has a degree in professional writing and a passion for letting her characters tell their own stories. She now lives in Charleston, SC.


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