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DartFrog is the exclusive gateway to for independent authors 

If we select your book for promotion to, it will gain exposure to 75,000+ clubs, 400,000+ email subcribers, and a total community of more than 600,000 readers. We offer three types of promotions, all described below.

Great Indie Reads

We select the 3 books featured each month on the Great Indie Reads page of Your cover will be included in the email to all 400,000+ subscribers on the first day of the month the campaign begins (as a clickable link in the Great Indie Reads block section of the email). The book will remain on the Great Indie Reads page for three months and on DartFrog’s homepage for one month. Cost: $850

Most Active Users Outreach

We send a custom Great Indie Reads email to the top 100,000 most active subscribers every June & December. This email allows us to remind readers about books featured on the Great Indie Reads page over the past six months. Any author chosen for Great Indie Reads is eligible to participate in this email through a one-on-one Q&A that we link to from the email (buy link and author contact info for interested clubs included in the Q&A).  Cost: $500   

Recommended Reading

We choose one book per month for promotion as Recommended Reading on the homepage, providing maximum, genre specific exposure for your title alongside Big 5 published titles. This promotion does not brand your book as independently published. Dedicated placement in an email to the 400,000+ subscribers is also included, plus in-app placement & notification to all users of the app.  Cost: $2500