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Print Books on Demand

We curate independently published books for promotion to book clubs

We select 3 books per month for promotion to 75,000+ book clubs through our exclusive partnership with If selected, you do not send us any books. Your book will be listed on the Indie Author Corner section of for three months and included in an email to their entire list of book club members (300,000+). If a club decides to read your book, each member will buy the book wherever they are accustomed to buying books (direct purchase links will be embedded in your BookClubs listing to the major online sales platforms). Each author is also invited to send us a list of discussion questions that clubs can download if they decide to read your book. 

Your book may also qualify for our influencer program. Click here for more info. 


Our standards for selection are high, especially when it comes to editing. Not working with an editor shows and is the most common reason for books not being selected. Also, covers matter! Books with professionally designed, engaging covers are much more likely to be selected. 


  •  -Cost is $850 for a 3 month promotion. 
  •  -We are non-exclusive. Books selected for our book club promotion can still be sold anywhere the author wants.
  •  -We take no cut of any sales made through the book club promotion program. 

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