DartFrog’s Curation Process

DartFrog curates already-published books for bookstore placement, book club promotion and influencer campaigns. If your book was self-published, published by a small traditional press, or published by a hybrid press, it is eligible for consideration. The evaluation process is free and can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, based on the length of book. Digital and physical copy submissions allowed.

How Bookstore Placement Works

We select 5 titles per quarter for placement into 25 stores. Each selected author sends 25 copies to DartFrog, which we send to stores.

The stores will display each book in a front-facing position from a specially branded DartFrog section of the store for at least three months.

The store will order additional copies through Ingram when the first copy sells. Some stores order before the first sale occurs.

The store keeps 100% of the income from the sale of the first copy we sent. All other sales net you your regular royalty payment from Ingram.

The store may decide to continue stocking your book after the promotional three month period, based on the initial sales data. 

Each author receives a photo of their book on display in each store. We recommend that authors use these photos on their social media feeds to promote the book and the bookstore in which is has been placed. 


We select 3 books per month for promotion to 30,000+ book clubs through our partnership with BookClubz.com. If selected, you do not send us any books. Your book will be listed on the Indie Author Corner section of BookClubz.com for three months and featured in an email to all book clubs. If a club decides to read your book, each member will buy the book wherever they are accustomed to buying books. Direct purchase links will be embedded in your BookClubz listing to the major online sales platforms. Each author is asked to send us a list of discussion questions that clubs can download if they decide to read your book. 


We select books on an on-going basis for participation in our book influencer programs. There is no limit to the number of books we can select in any given period of time. If a book is selected, we will also tell you which influencer programs we think it fits best with. Our programs include bloggers, instagram influencers (bookstagrammers), You Tube influencers (BookTubers) and TikTok influencers (BookTokers). After selection, we will begin matching your book to influencers in our network. We will only launch a campaign when we have secured at least 5 influencers who accept the invitation to read your book.  


Our standards for selection are high, especially when it comes to editing. Not working with an editor shows and is the most common reason for books not being selected. Also, covers matter! Books with professionally designed, engaging covers are much more likely to be selected. Sometimes a well written book is not accepted by DartFrog simply because it needs a better, more professional cover to compete in the crowded and highly competitive world of book selling. 


  •  -We are non-exclusive. DartFrog selected authors can sell their book anywhere they want.
  •  -All copyrights remain with the author.
  •  -Bookstores order DartFrog titles directly from Ingram. If your book is not yet available through Ingram, we will require it to be.
  •  -We take no cut of your sales. 
  •  -A full agreement is included as part of the onboard form for authors whose books are selected. 



Bookstore Placement
3 months in store


BookClubz Promotion
3 month listing


Bookstores & BookClubz
16% discount

$ per project

Influencer Campaigns
genre & platform specific