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DartFrog Blue is our curated traditional publishing platform for authors with an existing and large audience. DartFrog pays all costs associated with publishing, marketing and distribution. Author pays no costs. We are currently accepting submissions. 

All DartFrog Blue projects include:

A full proofread of the manuscript is included (if we like your story but it requires more than a proofread, we will tell you).

We manage the cover design and the interior design/ formatting process for print & ebook. 

DartFrog will feature your book on our website homepage, and we will design A+ content for the Publisher section of the Amazon product page to give it a fully custom and polished feel (A+ Content is the term for product specific custom graphics that make your Amazon product page more visually appealing).

We provide an enhanced Amazon optimization for your book, which in addition to data on historical trends, also includes our selection of the keywords and categories that we believe will give your book the best chance to successfully engage Amazon’s algorithms. 

We connect every DartFrog Plus book to our own network of book influencers who will read the story and share their honest opinions with their respective audiences.  

We promote every DartFrog Plus book to 75,000+ book clubs through our exclusive partnership with The book is featured as a Recommended Read on the homepage for one month, included in an email to all members (400,000+) on the first day of the promotion, in-app placement & notification to all users of the app, plus a live video Q&A with the Great Indie Reads book club. We also feature your book in a follow-up email to the 100,000 most active users. 

We commission a professional review from Midwest Book Review and any other review outlets that we think fit best with the book. Reviews are initiated once the interior formatting is finished, in the hopes that we can add excerpts from a positive review to the cover before releasing the book. 

We write and distribute a press release for all DartFrog Blue titles and provide you with a distribution report of the outlets that picked the release up. 

And finally, we pitch to podcasts that we think may be interested in having you on as a guest. 

We sponsor an email campaign for each DartFrog Blue book to tens of thousands of genre-specific readers through our platinum partnership with Written Word Media. 

We pay for and manage an Amazon ad campaign for the purpose of generating traffic and sales. 

We list your book on all major bookselling platforms including Amazon, Draft2Digital, Ingram (which includes their partnerships with Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Gardners, Target, etc). This ensures your book will be available everywhere books are sold. 

As a DartFrog Blue author, you earn a 30% royalty of all net income from the sales of your book. All royalties are paid to you by DartFrog on a monthly basis. 

Every DartFrog Blue author has a dedicated project manager that you can correspond with through Basecamp (the platform we use for all team communications), or by video call if a face to face meeting is needed. The project manager oversees the team working on your book, is your direct point of contact, and also manages the administrative tasks that are important to the publishing process (the assigning of ISBNS, Library of Congress registration, uploading files, etc).