DartFrog Blue is a highly selective traditional publishing platform for authors with a top quality manuscript and an existing sizable platform. DartFrog pays all costs associated with publishing, marketing and distribution. We are currently accepting submissions.

All DartFrog Blue projects include:

  • – ISBN assignment
  • – Library of Congress registration

A full proofread of the manuscript (if we like your story but it requires more than a proofread, we will tell you).

– Interior formatting for print & ebook
– Cover design for print & ebook

  • – Author website design & construction
  • – Professional video trailer

DartFrog Blue authors must have an existing and sizable platform in order to be chosen. 

  • We optimize your book for Amazon, which includes selection of keywords and categories, as well as the tweaking of the book description for optimal engagement with Amazon’s algorithms.

  • We also manage an Amazon ad campaign for the published book.
  • – Exclusive three month promotion to 40,000+ book clubs
  • – Influencer campaign through a minimum of 5  instagram book influencers (bookstagrammers)
  • – Potential BookBub campaign (also dependent on selection by BookBub)
  • – Banner on DartFrog’s website
  • – Social media posts
  • We list your book on Amazon, Ingram, and Smashwords, which (through their partnerships) ensures your book will be available on all online sales platforms. 

  • But you need more than listings. You need people to know about your book, which is why we connect all DartFrog Blue authors with book influencers in our network. 
  • A dedicated professional publicist conducts a full media campaign across all possible platforms (print, radio, podcasts, television) for every DartFrog Blue project. 
  • – A professional review from Midwest Book Review
  • – A professional review from The Feathered Quill
  • – Managed NetGalley promotion
  • DartFrog has fully adopted the Print on Demand process for our traditionally published books because the quality of POD paperbacks is now the same as the old school offset print runs. But more importantly, POD is much more environmentally friendly. Printing only when a book is ordered means we don’t need to warehouse large print runs that require constant climate control, and we never need to discard books that may have been printed before an update or correction to the interior or cover file was made.  
  • – 30% royalty of all net income from sales (payable first business day of each month).

Some Current DartFrog Blue Authors

Publishing Platform
Jim Piddock
Publishing Platform
Michael Tougias
Publishing Platform
AJ Odasso
Publishing Platform
Tom DeBlass