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DartFrog Plus is our curated hybrid publishing program with a built-in suite of marketing programs designed to fully promote and publicize your book.  Authors are not required to have an existing platform. Evaluation of every manuscript is free and if invited to publish through DarFrog Plus, there is no obligation to accept. 

The following services are standard to all DartFrog Plus projects:

A full proofread of the manuscript is included (if we like your story but it requires more than a proofread, we will tell you).

All DartFrog Plus covers are designed by Mumtaz Mustafa, Senior Art Director at HarperCollins. 

We manage the interior design & formatting process (for print & ebook).

We provide an enhanced Amazon optimization for your book, which in addition to data on historical trends, also includes our selection of the keywords and categories that we believe will give your book the best chance to successfully engage Amazon’s algorithms. 

DartFrog will design A+ content for the Publisher section of the Amazon product page to give it a fully custom and polished feel (A+ Content is the term for product specific custom graphics that make your Amazon product page more visually appealing). 

We promote every DartFrog Plus book to 75,000+ book clubs through our exclusive partnership with The book is featured on the Great Indie Reads page of for 3 months and included in the email to all subscribers (400,000+) on the first day of the four month promotion. 

We also promote DartFrog Plus titles in an exclusive DartFrog email to the 100,000 most active users. 

Every DartFrog Plus book is also featured in a discussion through our Great Indie Reads book club, where the author can interact with club members through a live video feed discussion. There are approx 500 people in our club. 

We pitch to podcasts that we think may be interested in having you on as a guest. We write and distribute a press release for all DartFrog Plus titles and provide you with a distribution report of the outlets that picked the release up.  We also create an electronic press kit (EPK) for you to use in your own outreach. 

We commission a professional review from Midwest Book Review and BookLife. Reviews are initiated once the interior formatting is finished, in the hopes that we can add excerpts from a positive review to the cover before releasing the book. 

We connect every DartFrog Plus book to our own network of book influencers who will read the story and share their honest opinions with their respective audiences.  We guarantee at least 5 professional book influencers will review your book. 

DartFrog will also organize a live virtual book event with an Instagram book influencer in our network to run sometime during the week of the book’s launch. 

DartFrog is a platinum member of Written Word Media. This allows us to create genre specific targeted email and Facebook promotions reaching hundreds of thousands of readers. A unique genre specific campaign (includes both email and Facebook promotion) is created for each book

DartFrog will submit each of our books to the  Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY), the Foreword Indies Book of the Year Awards, the Rubery Book Award, the Eric Hoffer Book Award, and the Reader Views Literary Awards. 

DartFrog’s social media coordinator will work directly with each DartFrog Plus author (beginning two months before and going until one month after launch) to create unique, custom, engaging content (videos, stories, and graphics) for posting through the author’s own social media channels. All content we create (and you approve) will include captions and relevant hashtags. 

We offer a print on demand option and an offset print & warehouse distribution option. Authors can choose which print/distribution option works best for them (print costs will be in addition to the flat rate for authors who choose the offset print option). 

Every DartFrog Kids author has a dedicated project manager with whom they can correspond through Basecamp (the platform we use for all team communications), or through our dedicated video call channel if a face-to-face meeting is required. The project manager oversees the team working on your book, is your direct point of contact, and also manages the administrative tasks that are important to the publishing process (the assigning of ISBNS, Library of Congress registration, uploading files, etc). 

For authors who choose the Print on Demand option, you earn a 100% royalty from all sales of the book. Authors who choose the offset print and warehouse distribution option may be required to share a portion of their royalty with the distributor, but DartFrog still takes no cut of your sales. 

DartFrog Plus

A curated hybrid publishing & marketing program
$ 9500 payable in multiple installments
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we are currently accepting submissions.

Most importantly, the story must be engaging and well written. In some cases, if we think a story is good but needs more than the editing/proofreading included in the DartFrog Plus package, we will let you know and give you the opportunity to edit and re-submit or hire one of our editors to do the deeper editing for you. 

Choosing a title is a collaborative process. Titles are very important to branding and SEO, so we will work with you to determine the best title for the story and the search engines. 

We have a network of our own influencers who post on a combination of Instagram, TikTok and Goodreads. We vet them for the quality of their reviews and the engagement rate with their posts. They are all people who built their own followings by posting about books, and when they review your book, they do so on their own channel to their own audience. 

We have no control over what the influencers say, which is in your interest as the author. Honest reviews are the only reviews you want, even if they are not 100% positive. The influencers we work with built their followings by sharing their real opinions on books, and is exactly what they do with the books we send them. 

We do ask each influencer before assigning a book if it is one they would like to read. In this way, we try to align the influencer with the book as best we can, and weed out any influencer who may not be interested in a topic. We do guarantee that at least 5 influencers from our network will read and review your book.

We find that Amazon advertising spend varies greatly from book to book, so it is best not to try to include an ad campaign in a flat rate program. We also find that some authors prefer to manage their own campaigns or have an outside agency they already work with. DartFrog can definitely manage your Amazon ad campaign, but we feel like that is best left as an add on option. 

The majority of manuscripts submitted to DartFrog Plus are not selected, either because they don’t meet our editorial standards or we don’t feel like the genre and/or topic would benefit from the marketing included with the DartFrog Plus program.