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DartFrog offers four levels of editing (and a ghostwriting program) to engage authors at every level of the writing process.


DartFrog’s developmental editing deals with a story’s infrastructure and is best described as book doctoring, because we don’t provide notes on how the story should be tweaked, we actually do the rewriting/tweaking for you. This level of editing usually focuses most heavily on improving show-don’t-tell, pacing, and character development. We provide drafts throughout the revisioning process to be sure our changes are inline with the author’s expectations. A final proofread is included as part of our developmental editing package. 

Pricing per project


Line edits takes a wide angle approach to focus on the overall tone of the manuscript. The line editor looks for unnecessary words, ways to improve flow, precision of language, and consistency of POV, among other things. 

3.75 cpw (.0375)


Copy edits approach a manuscript with a narrower lens, focusing primarily on grammatical issues to ensure that the manuscript adheres to the rules of a specific grammatical style (Chicago, AP, etc).   

2.5 cpw (.025)


The proofread is designed to catch “surface errors” in the completed manuscript, such as misspellings, typos, repeated words, and missed punctuation. A proofread is the final review of a manuscript once all writing is complete. 

1.5 cpw (.015)

Note: CPW stands for cents per word. Multiply your total word count by the decimal number in parentheses to determine the total cost.