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DartFrog offers four levels of editing (and a ghostwriting program) to engage authors at every level of the writing process.


DartFrog’s developmental editing deals with a story’s infrastructure and is best described as book doctoring, because we don’t provide notes on how the story should be tweaked, we actually do the rewriting/tweaking for you. This level of editing usually focuses most heavily on improving show-don’t-tell, pacing, and character development. We provide drafts throughout the revisioning process to be sure our changes are inline with the author’s expectations. 

6 cents per word


Line edits takes a wide angle approach to focus on the overall tone of the manuscript. The line editor looks for unnecessary words, ways to improve flow, precision of language & consistency of POV, among other things. 

3.75 cents per word


Copy edits approach a manuscript with a narrower lens, focusing primarily on grammatical issues to ensure that the manuscript adheres to the rules of a specific grammatical style.   

2.5 cents per word


The proofread is designed to catch “surface errors” in the completed manuscript, such as misspellings, typos, repeated words, and missed punctuation. A proofread is the final review of a manuscript before printing. 

1.5 cents per word