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NY Times bestselling author Michael Tougias (pronounced Toe-Gis) has written and co-written thirty books for adults and several books for children. His True Rescue Series for middle readers includes Into the BlizzardAttacked At SeaA Storm Too Soon, and The Finest Hours (which is now a Disney movie).

“The idea for Claws,” says Tougias, “originated when I was visiting my friend Ernie, an offshore commercial lobsterman, who showed me a 20 inch lobster claw that came up in one of his traps. The lobster was too big to fit in the trap. That got me thinking that some lobsters might grow incredibly large, and are never seen because they cannot be caught. From there, my imagination took off and I thought of the story of Moby Dick, and how the whale wanted revenge against the people trying to kill it.” Claws, a chapter book for children, was released by DartFrog Blue in October 2021. Michael’s second book with DartFrog Blue, Ghost of the Forest, will be released in Feb 2022.