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NetGalley is an excellent way to get reviews for your book. DartFrog manages your listing by vetting the review requests to be sure your book is sent to people who have a high likelihood of actually posting a review and who will post their review to platforms beyond NetGalley (because people don’t go to NetGalley to read reviews, they go to GoodReads or Amazon to read reviews). 

By listing your title on NetGalley through DartFrog, you spend less money and gain more flexibility. Listing on your own through NetGalley requires a 6 month commitment and costs more than $400. But our experience tells us that most books only need one month on the NetGalley platform (maximum 2 months), which is why we provide this service to authors. After a month (or maybe 2), requests for review copies decrease sharply. So, we think it’s better to save that extra money and use it toward another aspect of your book marketing. 

NetGalley Reviews

Your listing managed by DartFrog
$ 150 for 1 month listing
  • $225 for 2 month listing