Amazon is the primary sales platform for indie authors.

DartFrog's Amazon optimization program provides the keyword targeting you need to drive traffic to your book.

Our optimization program includes four deliverables: 1) the seven Kindle keywords best suited for your book to achieve maximum organic ranking. 2) Identification of up to ten categories for a less competitive climb to #1 and/or Top 10 ranking. 3) Identification of roughly 1000 keywords with most potential for Amazon advertising success. 4) A month long optimization campaign to determine which of those keywords are the most profitable, so that you can embark on a full fledged ad campaign with confidence in the expected ROI. Price: $399.

The author is also required to pay Amazon for the cost of the click thrus generated by the month long optimization campaign. We set the cap at $5/day, but in reality most authors will pay much less than that. Our goal is to keep these click thru costs low, as the primary purpose of this initial campaign is keyword optimization, not sales.