The Author Agreement is a straight forward document that seeks to remove all the legalese that most of us don't read or understand anyway! But there are a few highlights that you should know.


Author Agreement

We are non-exclusive. DartFrog authors can sell their books wherever they wish. Our focus is on placing your book in independent bookstores, period. We will also choose three books per month for direct marketing to 2500+ book clubs through our partner

Our agreement does not bind an author to a long term deal. An author is able to break from the agreement with 90 days notice. It is your book. If you want to leave DartFrog, it should be your right to do so whenever you please.

All copyrights remains with the author.

Bookstores order DartFrog titles directly from Ingram. If your book is not yet available through Ingram, we will require it to be. Copies sold through the DartFrog website are POD. DartFrog prints and fulfills those orders. Ingram fulfills all bookstore orders.  

We charge no commission for books sold by the author through the author's own website, other online platforms or personally scheduled events - author keeps 100% of that income. We also do not take a cut of bookstore orders for books by self-published authors.

We encourage you to read the full DartFrog Author Agreement before submitting your book.