Building an Author Platform Can be Daunting

- “I don’t know how to start marketing my book.”
- “I don’t have a website.”
- “I’ve never even signed onto Facebook.”
- “What’s an email subscriber list?”

No matter where you are in the process, DartFrog can help. DartFrog offers one-on-one instruction and implementation to help ensure you have the important sectors covered in your marketing outreach as an independent author. We will set up a call to assess your current level and help you build a successful platform and outreach from there.

Want Us To Do It For You?
If you'd prefer that we do the platform building work for you, rather than teaching you how to do it yourself, click here for details.


Set up a page or refine your existing page
Make sure it works to engage new readers
Set up a subscriber list and engage readers with content
Grow Your Audience
Incentivize readers to subscribe, read your books and leave reviews
Use Ads to Increase Traffic
Learn how to test and run ads to drive more traffic to your website, then use the data behind that traffic to build bigger audiences
Package price:

$450 (includes four phone/video calls)