Self-published authors and authors published by a small traditional or hybrid press are welcome to participate in our exclusive partnership with Books must be submitted to DartFrog for evaluation first (free). If selected, authors can choose promotion to book clubs only or promotion to book clubs and placement into bookstores.

BookClubz Only

Authors wishing to participate only in DartFrog's book club program, without also participating in our bookstore program, can do so. If the book passes our evaluation (free), it will be eligible for placement into one of three spots (we select 3 new titles per month) on the Indie Author Corner on Selected books provide DartFrog with a cover, brief description and discussion questions. Books remain on the Indie Author Corner (and are linked directly to author's Amazon product page) for three months.

BookClubz and Bookstores

Significant discounts are given to authors who choose placement in bookstores and promotion to book clubs. Placement in bookstores does not guarantee selection for placement on, however, as some genres work for bookstores but not book clubs. If an author's book is not selected for, there will be no charge and the regular bookstore placement price will apply.