Through our partnership with Red Clover Digital, DartFrog has access to 227 bookstagrammers whose combined reach exceeds 1.3 million readers.

Often the best way to promote your book is through an honest and personal review. The bookstagrammers we work with have built audiences they know and who trust their opinions on books.

To participate in this program, a book must first pass DartFrog's evaluation (free). When five bookstagrammers with genre interests similar to the book's genre (and who indicate their interest in reading the book) are identified, we proceed. The author sends us five copies which are sent along to each bookstagrammer.    


The cost varies according to the type/length of book. All levels include reviews from five bookstagrammers. 

children's book/graphic novel $399
fiction/non-fiction 1-299 pages $549
fiction/non-fiction 300-500 pages $629
fiction/non-fiction 500+ pages $729