DartFrog authors now have access to India, one of the world’s largest markets for books through our partnership with BUUKS. BUUKS will handle printing and distribution of all paperback and hardcover titles throughout India. They will also upload the title to various leading e-commerce portals like Amazon India, Flipkart, Shop Clues, Snap Deal, Pay TM, ShopByChoice and Infibeam. DartFrog authors earn an 80% royalty on the sale of their book in India, which will be paid directly to the author by BUUKS on a monthly basis. Each book will also be assigned an ISBN for the Indian market as well as copyright through the Indian government. Authors also get access to BUUKS online publishing platform, a powerful yet simple to use system that enables authors to track their book progress in real-time, get notified on sales and royalty payout. And, professional customer support is always available from the BUUKS team. The one-time setup charge is $149.