CANOE TREE is DartFrog's non-curated self-publishing platform for authors wanting a professional turnkey solution to the manufacturing of their book in print and ebook formats. We assign two ISBNS (one for print and one for digital), format the interior, design the cover and upload the finished files to the author's own Amazon and Ingram accounts, ensuring that you, the author, maintain total control over your own files. It also means that all sales reports and royalty payments go directly to you, rather than through us, ensuring total transparency.
THE PACKAGE PRICE of $1599 also includes 20 printed paperback books. Wholesale copies are always available to the author through their own Ingram and Amazon accounts. Because Canoe Tree books are non-curated, bookstore placement and book club promotions through DartFrog are not guaranteed.

AMAZON KEYWORD RESEARCH is also part of the work we do for every Canoe Tree book, providing you with a list of the best keywords for your book, which can then be added to your Amazon product page for maximum search engine discoverability.