DartFrog Offers Proofreading, Line Editing and Developmental Editing Services

If you want your manuscript proofread, DartFrog's proofreading service is affordable, fast and of the highest quality. 1.5 cents per word.  

Line edits dive deeper than a proofread and involve more than just grammatical issues. Style, pacing, sentence construction, storyline and character development are all part of the line edit review process. 2.5 cents per word.

Developmental editing deals with structural issues to your manuscript and is the most invasive of all. Typically, a proofread is required after the developmental edits are finished, as the developmental editor is focused only on the big picture. 3.5 cents per word.

60,000 word pricing comparison.

                                  Proofreading  Line Editing      

BookBaby                      $1197          $1710                      

Kirkus                           $1200      $1899-$3999            

NY Book Editors            $1578       $3024-$3662          

DartFrog                       $900             $1500