Submission is Free

INITIAL SUBMISSION The initial submission requires $0 upfront cost. Simply fill out our form and send us your book. If not selected, you owe nothing. If selected, the placement fee is $475, which includes automatic face front placement in DartFrog's own specially marked section in 20 independent bookstores, and consideration for exclusive promotion to 2500+ book clubs.

OPTIONAL EVALUATION If your book is not selected, you can request a detailed written evaluation, in which we explain why your book was not selected and what the exact issues are that need improvement. The cost of an evaluation is $275, but if an author makes the suggested revisions and the book is selected upon resubmission, we will take 30% off the $475 placement fee.

All books selected by DartFrog are also considered (if genre appropriate) for direct exposure to 2500+ book clubs through DartFrog's exclusive partnership with We select three books per month to be featured on the website (and included in an email to all members). All orders of books through are routed through Amazon, and DartFrog charges no additional fee to authors whose books are selected for this program.

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