DARTFROG BLUE is DartFrog's traditional publishing platform for authors with an exceptional manuscript. If selected, we start with the ePublishing phase (we format the interior, design the cover and assign an ISBN at our own expense), and load your finished eBook to Amazon. As the author, you are tasked with networking the book as widely as possible during the ePublishing phase. If your eBook reaches 500 sales within six months, DartFrog shifts the book into full production and distribution, again at our own expense. 
FULL PRODUCTION & DISTRIBUTION For authors that reach this stage, we publish the book in print format, place into all DartFrog partner bookstores, promote to 10,000+ book clubs through our exclusive partnership with BookClubz.com, and launch a fully optimized Amazon advertising campaign. These authors are also considered for speaking engagements at iconic bookstores like the Strand in New York City as well as opportunities for expansion to other formats (movie, tv, etc) and media interviews as arranged by our in-house PR team.

DARTFROG BLUE IS A CO-OP Author's earn a 10% royalty of the retail price each time their book is sold in any format. In addition to royalties, each author receives an annual dividend representing a percentage of the total DartFrog Blue net profit from the previous year. All DartFrog Blue authors share release and review announcements of all DartFrog Blue titles with their social media audiences, greatly expanding each author's individual reach. We require each author who has a social following of fewer than 20,000 people to pay a $20/month co-op fee to DartFrog, which also grants free access to DartFrog webinars and other perks. DartFrog Blue is built on the idea of "we" being stronger than "me." Together, excellent indie authors can build a strong and successful community.