DartFrog's Traditional Publishing Platform

DartFrog Blue is a highly selective traditional publishing platform (we pay 100% of costs) for authors with a top quality manuscript and an existing sizable platform. In addition to the royalty, DartFrog Blue authors receive an annual dividend representing a percentage of the total DartFrog Blue net profits (from all DartFrog Blue book sales) over the previous year. In this way, DartFrog Blue acts as a traditional publishing co-op, allowing authors to benefit from each other's success. We are currently accepting submissions.


  • A dedicated professional publicist conducts a full media campaign across all possible platforms (print, radio, podcasts, television) for every DartFrog Blue project. 
  • Full proofreading
  • Interior formatting (print & ebook)
  • Cover design (print & ebook)
  • Exclusive three month promotion to 27,000+ book clubs 
  • Direct, face front placement in DartFrog partner bookstores
  • Promotion to a minimum of 25,000 readers through DartFrog's bookstagram network
  • Printing, warehousing and fulfillment of author signed copies through the DartFrog website
  • Amazon optimization (KDP keyword and category research plus optimizing of KDP book description)
  • Professional third-party book reviews  
  • Two month NetGalley promotion (to generate reader reviews)
  • Author platform assessment & instruction (up to 4 video calls)
  • Professional video trailer
  • Author website
  • ISBNs & Library of Congress registration
  • Banner on DartFrog's website
  • Social media posts
  • Listing on Amazon, Bookshop.org and Ingram
  • 25% royalty (paid quarterly) + annual dividend