DartFrog Offers Proofreading, Line Editing and Developmental Editing Services

DartFrog's proofreading service is affordable, fast, and of the highest quality. We comb  through your manuscript looking for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors, typos, repeated words, and more.    $.015 per word.  

Line edits dive deeper than a proofread and involve more than just grammatical and punctuation issues. Pacing, sentence construction, storyline and character development are all assessed. $.03 per word.

Developmental editing deals with deep structural issues to your manuscript and is the most invasive of all. The editor will provide commentary on the structural big-picture alignment of your story. An accompanying editorial letter will explain the strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions for improvement. $.0575 per word.

Looking for a ghostwriter? DartFrog has a team of several ghostwriters, one of whom is a recent National Book Award Finalist, to help you produce your book. Price Determined by Project.