DartFrog Plus is a premier hybrid publishing platform for authors who have a fully polished manuscript.
Manuscripts are selected for publication, just like in traditional publishing.
The costs of production are invested upfront, by authors, just like in self-publishing.

DartFrog Plus authors are considered to be published (in the traditional sense), and their finished books are placed in a specially branded section of ALL bookstores that carry DartFrog.

The Details & Benefits of DartFrog Plus

Submitting Your Manuscript    

Submitting a manuscript to DartFrog Plus is free. Manuscripts selected for publication will receive full publishing services and guaranteed bookstore distribution to ALL bookstores that carry DartFrog titles (rather than a sampling of 20 stores, as offered through our self-published distribution program).

Clients of Alli Brydon Creative are allowed unlimited re-submissions of a manuscript until it is selected for distribution. Our expectation, however, is that the manuscripts we receive from authors working with Alli Brydon Creative will be bookstore-ready upon receipt and selected immediately for distribution.

Financial Benefits of DartFrog Plus
Authors earn 75% royalty from all sales via the DartFrog website. DartFrog takes zero commission from bookstore sales. 

Products, Services & Marketing included in the DartFrog Plus program for Alli Brydon Creative Authors  
Cover design & layout
Interior design & layout
Illustrator (picture books only)
Placement in ALL stores that carry DartFrog books
Promotional display at 7 regional bookseller conventions & BEA
Author appearance/signing at BookCon
Copyright & Library of Congress registration
E-book conversion (EPub & Mobi)
Book2Look biblet
Kirkus Review

COST: $4950 (10% discount)

*For professionally narrated audiobook add $750
(novels only, 100,000 word max)