Both options for DartFrog Plus include:

  • Editing/proofreading
  • Interior formatting (print & ebook)
  • Cover design by Mumtaz Mustafa, Senior Art Director for HarperCollins
  • Direct, face front placement in all DartFrog partner bookstores (currently 73)
  • Three month exclusive promotion through (currently 8000+ clubs)
  • Amazon optimization (KDP keyword and category research plus test campaign to determine most profitable advertising keywords)
  • International distribution in India
  • Speaking slot at DartFrog's quarterly event at The Strand Bookstore in NYC
  • Book available through Ingram, KDP/Amazon and all other digital platforms
  • Featured posts on DartFrog's social media
  • Banner on DartFrog's website
  • Plus Option 1 or Option 2
  • DartFrog Plus price is $7500, which includes Option 1 or Option 2. A payment plan is already built in, but we are happy to customize the plan to fit each author's needs.


    OPTION 1 

    Kirkus Review or 6 month NetGalley listing

    Author Platform Assessment and Instruction

    • This instruction consists of four, one hour long video calls, in which we teach you what your platform needs and how to build/maintain your audience. This is different from Option 2, in which we actually do the audience building for you.

    Professional video trailer

    Author website construction

    OPTION 2 (Audience Building & Engagement)


    • Set up Facebook Ad Account
    • Add Facebook Pixel code to website
    • Run & test ads
    • Refine tested audiences based on success of ads
    • Build and target behavior audiences from Pixel activity


    • Embed subscriber pop-up on author website & Facebook
    • Determine incentive lead magnet for subscribers
    • Set up BookFunnel for distribution of lead magnet
    • Create email welcome series for new subscribers
    • Create drip campaign (optional, depends on available content)