Not All Of The Books Distributed By DartFrog Are Self-Published.

DartFrog Plus is a hybrid publishing platform. Manuscripts are selected for publication just like in traditional publishing. And the costs of production are invested upfront, by authors, just like in self-publishing.

DartFrog Plus books are guaranteed to be placed, face-front, in all bookstores that carry DartFrog titles. 

How Does DartFrog Plus Work?

Submitting Your Manuscript    

Manuscripts selected for publication will receive guaranteed bookstore distribution.

Manuscripts that require additional work are referred to our partner, the Brooklyn Writers Press. The BWP team will walk you through the process of improving or correcting your manuscript. Once your manuscript is ready for publication, you can re-submit to DartFrog Plus or publish through Brooklyn Writers Press and participate in the regular DartFrog distribution program.  

Benefits of DartFrog Plus
Authors earn 80% royalty from all sales via the DartFrog website.
DartFrog takes zero commission from bookstore sales. 
Face-front placement in ALL bookstores that carry DartFrog. 
BookCon author appearance & signing.
Bookseller convention marketing.
Kirkus Review included.

Products & Services included in the DartFrog Plus program 
Cover design & layout
Interior design & layout
Illustrator (picture books)
Guaranteed face front placement in specially marked section
of ALL stores that carry DartFrog Books

Promotional display at 7 regional bookseller conventions & BEA
Copyright & Library of Congress registration
E-book conversion (EPub & Mobi)
Author signing slot at BookCon
Book2Look biblet
Kirkus Review

COST: $5500

*For professionally narrated audiobook add $750
(novels only, 100,000 word max)