The cost to distribute your book to bookstores is $475.

We offer authors two payment options for submitting their books and both include, at no additional cost to the author, a Book2Look biblet ($200 retail value). DartFrog invests in Book2Look to enable authors to effectively and professionally market their work, whether or not their book passes our evaluation.  

Two Pricing Models

$89 due with your submission  

If your book does not meet bookstore standards, 
you will receive this email, and you will owe nothing more.

If your book is selected, a remaining balance of $386 will cover the total investment for direct marketing and distribution of your book thru DartFrog.


$475 due with your submission
You will receive a complete evaluation report explaining why your book is (or is not) ready for bookstore distribution. If not selected, you will be allowed to resubmit your book one more time, at no additional cost, once the issues noted in the evaluation have been addressed.

If your book is selected, there are no additional payments.