Congratulations on your book being selected for a 4 or 5 star review by IndieReader! Below is some key information about how DartFrog works. Feel free to peruse our website for more details.


Author Agreement

Our placement process is simple and non-exclusive. You can sell your book wherever you wish. Our job is to place it in stores.

If you received a 4 star review, we will evaluate your book (at no cost to you). If it is determined to be bookstore-ready, we will select it for placement. If you received a 5 star review, your book is automatically accepted for placement in stores.

For 5 star books, if DartFrog feels that the cover is in need up upgrading, we will re-do the cover at our own expense. All rights, even if we re-do the cover, remain with the author. If the author does not want a new cover, but we feel it is necessary, we will not place the book into stores.

Bookstores order DartFrog titles directly from Ingram. If your book is not yet available through Ingram, we will require it to be. All royalty payments from bookstore sales come directly from Ingram. DartFrog takes no cut from bookstore sales.

The placement price for authors with a 4 or 5 star review from IndieReader is $399, which represents a 16% discount from our regular price. This places your book in 20 bookstores for a period of three months. Click here for details on exactly how the placement process works.

We do have an author agreement, which we encourage you to read  before submitting your book.