NetGalley is an excellent way to get reviews for your book. We will manage your listing to save you money and time. 

By listing your title on NetGalley through DartFrog, you spend less money and gain more flexibility in the duration of your campaign.  

DartFrog lists books on NetGalley under three separate imprints: DartFrog Plus (books published through our hybrid publishing platform), Canoe Tree (books published through our self-publishing platform, as well as books from our eBook Plus program), and DartFrog (already published books selected for bookstore placement).  

Author can choose a one month listing ($99), 2 month listing ($150), or 3 month listing ($200), which provides a significant savings from opening your own NetGalley account, as well as more flexibility in the duration of the campaign than if you sign up with NetGalley yourself. Participation in this program is limited to authors participating in the Canoe Tree, DartFrog, or DartFrog Plus programs.