How a Red Clover PR Campaign Works

DartFrog only refers authors to Red Clover whose books have passed our evaluation (free). If approved, the publicist at Red Clover determines whether he thinks a publicity campaign is viable.

The cost is a flat $3000
and includes the following:

4-6 week campaign
8,000-12,000 media pitches
scheduling of any/all media appearances
direct author correspondence with publicist
media training
press release


A typical campaign is designed to create a "mushroom cloud" of publicity over a specific period of time. If any of the bookings require media training, we provide that to the author as part of the campaign. During the process, the publicist is on call 24/7 to respond to inquiries, schedule bookings & media placements, and manage any other details required to ensure the best possible outcome for the author. We expect the author to also be fully available and on call during the campaign, so that we can take full advantage of every opportunity generated by our pitching.