You are here because your book has been assigned a star by Publishers Weekly, a truly stellar achievement. Well done! Because of this distinction, you have been automatically accepted for placement in bookstores by DartFrog. If you would like for your book to be in bookstores, we would love to work with you. Below is some key information about how DartFrog works.



Our placement process is simple and non-exclusive. You can choose to simply have your book placed in stores without any other connection to DartFrog, or you can choose to engage DartFrog more fully by having your book listed on the DartFrog website or by participating in our book marketing program.

Bookstores order DartFrog titles directly from Ingram and DartFrog takes no cut from your bookstore sales. If your book is not yet available through Ingram, it will need to be before we can place the book into stores. If you need help figuring this out, just let us know.

The placement price for your book is $399, which represents a 16% discount from our lowest priced option. This places your book into 20 bookstores, face front, for a period of three months. The image to the left shows a typical in-store display (this particular display is from King City Books, Mt. Vernon, IL). Click here for details on exactly how the placement process works.

We have a simple author agreement, which we encourage you to read thoroughly. It is only 3 pages, and contains no legalese!