The cost to evaluate and place your book in bookstores is $475.

We offer authors a Limited and a Full option for submitting their self-published books. Both options include, at no additional cost to the author, a Book2Look biblet ($200 retail value). DartFrog invests in Book2Look to enable authors to effectively and professionally present their work, whether or not their book passes our evaluation.  

Choose Your Option

$89 due with your submission  

If your book does not meet bookstore standards, 
you will receive this email, and you will owe nothing more.

If your book is selected, a remaining balance of $386 will cover the total investment for placing your book into DartFrog partner bookstores.


$475 due with your submission
A detailed written evaluation explaining why your book is (or is not) ready for bookstore distribution. If selected, we will also provide a book review style blurb (the "money quote") for your own promotional efforts. If not selected, you will be allowed to submit your book a second time, at no extra cost, once the issues noted in the evaluation have been addressed.