A Little Scherzo Plays in Drytown


Author: Tom Chorneau
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Benny’s wife of twenty-five years leaves him for a 2009 Harley Fat Bob and a quest for something more. Benny, a simple shopkeeper, resigns himself to go the distance alone. But this is Drytown, a place tucked and magically folded into the Sierra foothills. Here the miner’s code still resonates and the curse of the Mother Lode still swirls. And when an ancestor’s long forgotten will threatens the town, Benny has no choice but to comply with its demand. He must find love again.

At risk is the only home he’s ever known. Indeed all is in peril—St. Mel’s parish, the refugee camp in the hills, the Dabbagh Motel and Aquatic Park, even Uncle Nik’s Coffee and Cannabis Canteen. Benny is no hero, but to protect those he loves he braves the darkness of online dating for seniors; hooks up with a Ukrainian supermodel; and foils the kidnapping of his true love by henchmen working for a Samoan drug lord.

And, oh yeah, there’s treasure, too.

Tom Chorneau is a writer, editor and poor poet. Originally from Manhattan Beach, he surfed, sailed and swam the coastal waters of Southern California as a young man. He is best known for his years as a news reporter for the Associated Press and San Francisco Chronicle among other stops. He lives today near the Sierra foothills with a chocolate lab named Lily. Enterprise Reporting is his first novel but he promises more to come.


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