A Thread So Fine


Author: Susan Welch
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St. Paul, Minnesota: Introspective Shannon Malone and her more popular sister Eliza are Irish twins and best friends. As little girls, they relied on each other for companionship and affection as their mother remained distant, beating back the demons of her own mysterious childhood.

Summer 1946, the war has ended, womanhood approaches, and both look forward to promising--though different--futures. But when tragedy rocks the Malone family to the core, secrets bloom and one sister leaves, possibly forever. The other, physically and emotionally scarred, vows to hold the invisible thread that runs deeply between them. In the course of her journey, she encounters a child with a hidden past and discovers the true meaning of family. But is it enough to bring her sister home?

"As a girl, I listened to my mother's stories about her year in quarantine as a 19-year-old TB patient in St. Paul in the mid-1940s. As an adult, upon my mother's death, I discovered for the first time I'd been adopted at seven months old. As a writer, I've tapped my passion for storytelling to dig myself out of the mysterious hole I found myself in, regarding my own origins and family history."

Susan Welch grew up in Minnesota and Wisconsin with either her nose in a book or her toes in the water. She earned a Masters in International Management and built an international career in the brewing industry, and now works for a company focused on craft brewing and regional agriculture. She is co-editor of Hot Flash Fiction, an online literary magazine focused on works by, for, about or of interest to 'women of a certain age.' When not traveling for work or pleasure, she spends time either in Seattle or in a cabin in the woods of Lummi Island.


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