Bless the Skies


Genre: Genre: Dark Fantasy Fantasy
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"Every legend begins with a lie."

Laeli Tavens, a thief shaped by the Sky-worshipping mythos of her island, stalks High Lord Lawrence Anderton across the country. She must save her twelve-year-old sister Elaina, who the obsessive Anderton has kidnapped as bait. Elaina copes with brutalities and tortures she cannot understand, while Laeli and her long-time ally Sophia navigate a country of prostitutes and assassins, war brewing around them. Though Laeli clings to a well-crafted denial of her past, she and her conspirators must conquer their secrets before Anderton’s trap ensnares them all.

Julie Elise Landry grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, and became something resembling an adult in Monroe, Louisiana. She wrote her first book in the fourth grade, stealing heavily from The Hobbit and Ella Enchanted, but learned not to steal when her mother grinned knowingly at the draft. Bless the Skies, a dark fantasy novel, is her first book.


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