Dragon Speaker


Everyone knows this story: an unlikely young hero is chosen by divine providence to save the world from a terrible evil.

Except Keriya Nameless is crippled, without the ability to wield magic—in fact, she's the only person who doesn't have powers of her own. The god who chose her is a mysterious dragon with a knack for exploiting loopholes in rules. Oh, and that terrible evil the world needs to be saved from? Maybe it’s not quite as evil as everyone says.

As Keriya ventures into the magical realm of Allentria, she learns things aren't black-and-white, and not everything is what it appears to be. Her quest would test the courage of even the bravest hero, and as the chosen Dragon Speaker, she quickly learns she's at the center of an age-old war . . .

A war that will decide the fate of everything.

Author: Elana A. Mugdan is a published author and semi-retired filmmaker. She has received many accolades in the film industry, including a number of awards for her feature film "Director's Cut", which she wrote, produced, and directed, and numerous awards for her screenplays.

Elana has always been an avid reader, and is a lifelong fan of fantasy and science fiction stories. She's described by her friends and family as "the weirdest person I know", and wears that weirdness proudly on her sleeve. Some of her favorite authors include J.R.R Tolkein, Philip Pullman, and Robert Jordan.

Elana currently resides in New York City, living a quiet but eccentric life with her pet snake, Medusa.

5.5"x 8.5"
Black text on 60# white paper
366 pages
Softcover, matte finish