Girl With Egg Basket


Nell Hatley, a thirty-something law professor at an Ohio university, is mostly concerned about getting tenure, until the day a law student enters a faculty meeting and starts shooting. One professor dies, another is wounded. The police find three names scribbled on a note in the shooter's pocket - the two victims' and Nell's.

When the official investigation is mysteriously suppressed, Nell pushes ahead to discover the shooter's motive. Aided by her loyal boyfriend, a D.C. lawyer, and a quirky law school dropout nicknamed the Mouse, Nell uncovers the somber secrets of a lawsuit over a Monet painting - and a conspiracy of theft, fraud, and murder dating back to World War II. Amid growing threats, Nell must confront personal demons and insecurities about her own competence as a law professor.

A fast-paced thriller, Girl with Egg Basket wends a dark path through the world of Nazi art theft, high-stakes litigation, and academic politics.

Author: Written by Dan Crane, a law professor at the University of Michigan and frequent commentator on legal affairs in various media outlets.

6" x 9" 
Black text on natural paper
377 pages
Softcover, gloss finish