Good Luck and a Benevolent God


Author: Zeb Appel
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It was her funeral, and she wanted all of them to be there —not just the family but her ex-husband, old boyfriends, and that special girlfriend of her niece. But who was that man taking photos of her in her coffin? Mandy Flanagan was an Irish girl from Boston with a zest for life who eloped to New York City in 1924. When both her marriage and hopes for Broadway stardom failed, a chance encounter led to a career in radio and music. Her life was a lively journey, an unconventional drama, rich with lovers and odd characters. As the mourners gather, they swap stories, share secrets and watch her last performance end in a puff a smoke.

Zeb Appel is the pen name of this author as a novelist. She is also an award-winning playwright and poet. Her next novel, The Median is about a woman on the run. She lives in rural Connecticut with her family.





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