Hearts on Fire, Paris 1968


Author: Bill Pearl
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Hearts on Fire is an historical novel set in Paris, 1968, about Robbie Samberg, a young American studying abroad who comes of age, finds love, and uncovers an alarming state secret amidst the turmoil of that fateful year. It's a love story and a tale of intrigue that unfolds in the tumult of the events of that May in Paris, on the front lines of the student revolt at Nanterre, at the secret peace talks to end the Vietnam War, and inside the political skullduggery of Richard Nixon's 1968 presidential campaign. As the story unfolds, the reader enjoys a bird's-eye view of the movements that rocked the period--anti-war, civil rights, woman's liberation, and the anti-Semitism and racism that stained and still stain France and America. It's a joyride through the chaos of 1968 with important lessons for the polarized climate of 2018, capturing the intense passions of a year of hearts on fire.