Hidden Within (Part Two of the Jewel of Life)


Author: Ryan Gebhart
Genre: Fantasy
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Alone in the Illumined Wood after fleeing in the midst of the devastating attack on Ceurenyl, and uncertain about the current state of the city, Devlyn wrestles with his doubts and choices. Even as he struggles to understand the meaning of the ancient prophecy, the young elf grows closer to the last phoenix. Meanwhile, the Lucillian Alliance is crumbling and the Erynien Empire continues its devastating march across Eklean, decimating any opposition. Eklean’s various races well remember Erynor’s previous reign. Now though, the Guardians and the Lorenthien aryls who were successful in bringing all the races together to battle their oppressor died at the Fall of Krysenthiel, fourteen hundred years ago. What is Devlyn’s role in Eklean’s reforged war against Erynor?

Ryan Gebhart first started writing the Jewel of Life series in 2012 in Philadelphia, PA. This unexpected passion evolved over the years and has remained a constant companion through his career changes, from a Capuchin Friar, to a Claims Processor, and finally in his current endeavor as an Architectural Graduate Student in Washington, DC. Ryan Gebhart is originally from Wilmington, DE.


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